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Tips for Installing a brand New Kitchen

When installing a new kitchen, you get to have fun and design it in a way that suits you and your family. The kitchen is a key room in your home, so it needs to be practical- yet a room you enjoy being in. To help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams, we have created a handy guide for you to follow.

Consider your appliances

Your oven, fridge and sink are the three main features of your kitchen. They need to be made as accessible as possible, so they are easy to reach from the whole room. They can be laid out across one wall, but it is often more useful to have them opposite each other. If you are moving your appliances, it may be a good chance to upgrade them if necessary.

Maximise your light

If you have large windows in your kitchen, keep them as open as possible- to allow maximum light to enter the room. A bright and airy kitchen is always a good thing, as it helps it to feel more spacious and free. If you do not have this luxury, adding a lot of small lights across your ceiling is a good way to even out the flow of light through the room. Several small lights are much better than one big light, as it will create a more even spread, helping you to see clearly.

Think about the flooring

It may feel cosy and warm to have carpet on the floor, but this is never good for in the kitchen. Instead, you should try and choose a floor covering that is easy to clean and will look good for years to come. A good option is tiles of lino. The colour of the floor is also important. With a light floor, you will see dirt very easily, but dark floors will show up dust and dirty footprints all year round. It may be good to choose a middle ground colour, such as grey or brown.

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