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Design Tips for Your Garage Conversion

Are you getting your garage converted? Our team have created a handy list of design tips for you to follow, to ensure you make the most out of your conversion. Your garage is not going to be the largest of rooms, so it is important you do all you can to maximise the space you do have!

Why not make your living area open plan?

When you convert your garage, why not knock out the wall and help to make your downstairs living area become open plan? An open plan living space is very modern and stylish, helping your home to feel much more relaxed. It is ideal for smaller homes, as it works well to open up the space you do have, creating an illusion of a bigger living area.

Integrate your garage correctly

Think of the location of the garage door that leads to the rest of your home. While it is easier t leave it where it is, you should consider whether this is the most suitable place to put it. For example, would it be better in the centre, or slightly to one side? This is a personal choice that depends on the layout of your home. As well as the door, the floor of your garage is usually lower than that of the rest of your home. To create a seamless flow, it is better for you to raise the floor, as long as your ceiling is high enough to allow for this.

Switch up your garage door

Instead of having your standard garage door, opt for something much more creative. You have the option of getting it all bricked up, but this is another basic option. Some great options include adding a large window covering the whole front wall or adding some sleek folding doors. Both of these options will add much-needed light to your garage, helping to integrate it with the rest of your home.

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